The Greeting message from Arshak Grigoryan, Executive Director of SME development National Center of Armenia.

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your time and for visiting the website of the SME Development National Center of Armenia (SME DNC of Armenia). Among our activities we implement the SME support Republic of Armenia  government programs. We help start-ups and already functioning SMEs develop in the right direction and create new values. The majority of our beneficiaries have succeeded.
The results of our activities since 2002 prove this and you can find all the relevant data here. At this website you can read the SME DNC news and learn about the support programs and directions. We are not alone in accomplishing our mission. Local and international organisations are our best partners and you can learn on our website about them as well.  
If you wish to start your own business, visit one of our branches either in Yerevan or across the regions of Armenia. Our experts will assist you. Be confident that you can bring your dreams to life. Join the army of entrepreneurs who started with our support and now give their input to our country's development!  
Arshak Grigoryan
Executive Director, 
SME Development National Center of Armenia