More, than 4000 experts in more than 600 organisation from more than 60 countries help the small and medium size companies to be innovative and grow at international level. Enterprise Europe Network is the biggest Network in the world, that supports small and medium enterprises with internationalisation ambitions.

EEN Armenia

The host organisation of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the Fund ''Investment Support Center'', which started its official activities from February, 2008. The Network involves more than 600 partner organisations from more, than 65 member member countries, providing various specialised business services to itsbeneficiaries

The activity of Enterprise Europe Network Armenia is directed to the internationalisation of Armenian enterprises and to enlargement of their opportunities for entering into European markets, to development of their innovative capacities and technological advancement.

Starting from 2016, the Fund “Investment Support Center ” (former SME DNC fund) has created a Consortium with the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Armenia, which hosts the Enterprise Europe Network in Armenia.

EEN services

Enterprise Europe Network Armenia offers the following services:

· Provision of information to SMEs on COSME opportunities, EEN tools, as well as Horizon 2020 Project, including SME instrument,

· Providing of individualised consultancy, partner search, clarification of export/import procedures, internationalisation potential assessment, development of action plan, etc.

· Submission of business profiles of companies with high internationalisation potential into Network,

  • Supporting to establish new business cooperation,
  • Providing of an information to SMEs on available international EXPOs, providing of consultancy on effective participation at EXPOs,
  • Organisation/co-organisation of matchmaking events (B2B meetings),
  • Innovation management audit of innovative companies,development of action plans,
  • Provision of information to SMEs on procedures to apply for EU financing, filling-in the necessary documents and other relevant issues.

EEN database

EEN database

Enterprise Europe Network database contains more than 5800 business/technology/research offers and requests. Some offers and requests, that arematching with Armenian market, are available at‘’Database’’ page of Enterprise Europe Network Armenia site.

You can fill in the Business offer (BO) or Business request (BR), forms, if you want to enlarge your activities in foreign countries to establish new international cooperation or to find commercial agents/distributors.

You can fill in the Technology offer (TO) form , if you are developing an innovation or technology and want to make it available for consumers in more than 65 countries or to transfer the technology. You can fill in the Technology request (TR) form, if you are looking for partners, who can help to solve problems via the technology transfer.

If you are looking for R&D partners then you can fill in R&D form․

Please, send the filled-in offers/requests to e-mail address, and your company profile will be available for Enterprise Europe Network member countries.

To have more information about EEN activities in Armenia, please, visit the official website of Enterprise Europe Network Armenia project: