Our Vision
Entrepreneurial opportunities for all.
Our Mission
Inform, inspire, and empower Armenian SMEs to create self-sustaining businesses that contribute to both individual economic stability and the Armenian economy as a whole.
Board of trustees

The Authority of SME DNC of Armenia’s Board of Trustees:

  1. Approves the strategic and annual programmes of SNE DNC
  2. Makes amendments in the Code of SME DNC, accepts decrees on new edition of the Code
  3. Decides on large scale contract based on the DME DNC Director’ proposals
  4. Based on the Director’s proposals, approves the internal Code of the Foundation, the administrative-organisational structure, the staff list, and the estimate of annual expenditures
  5. Based on the proposal of the President of the Foundation, appoints and fires the Executive  Director of the Foundation
  6. Terminates the authority of the Board members and nominates new candidates
  7. Controls the use of resources of Foundation by the Director
  8. Approves the annual reports by the Foundation
  9. Establishes, restructures and dissolves the branches, representations and enterprises of Foundation, as well as approves the Code of these structures
  10. Controls the execution of its decisions.

The Board of Trustees. 

Artsvik Minasyan

Minister of Economic Development and Investment of the RA,

Chairman of Board of Trustees of the SME DNC of Armenia

Tigran Khachatryan

Deputy Minister Economic Development and Investment of the RA

Armen Hayrapetyan

Deputy Minister of Finance of the RA

Robert Makaryan

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the RA

Hermine Naghdalyan

President of Union of Entrepreneurs of RA

Aram Melkonyan

Head of Expertise and Analysis Department, RA President's Staff

Seyran Avagyan

Head of ""Armenian Entrepreneurship" Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Association"

Diana Ghazaryan

Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia

Haykaz Bakhshetsyan

Deputy president of Union of Manufactures and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia, President of "Metek" CJSC

Seyran Sargsyan

Executive Director of Union of Banks

Tsolvard Gevorgyan

President of “Armenian Merchants” NGO