There are people who are afraid of challenges and those who accept and overcome them. We work with those who strive to change the small world that surrounds them by making the life in rural communities more prosperous and dignified.
Partnerships for Rural Prosperity

Since August 2013 the United States for International Development (USAID) has launched the five-year «Partnerships for Rural Prosperity» (PRP) Program in Armenia.

In frame of the Program, local economic development initiatives will be started in around 100 communities of Armenia aiming to prove that there are no rich and poor settlements created from above but stereotypes and lack of knowledge that hamper the development of our large and small, near and far communities.

The main goal of this Program is to empower rural communities to discover and realize their hidden potential. To reach this goal, over the coming five years the Program team will:

  • identify competitive advantages of each rural community and employ that potential by uniting the efforts of the inhabitants;
  • arm businesses with entrepreneurial skills to create sustainable and competitive business models;
  • ensure the inflow of credit and financial assets into rural communities;
  • provide grants to the enterprises withEXPORT potential to import new technologies and equipment;
  • find new markets  opportunities for rural enterprises; 
  • facilitate infrastructure rehabilitation and upgrades;
  • protect environment and mitigate man-made and natural risks;
  • expand employment and business prospects for women and youth.

The Program will be implemented by the Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center (SMEDNC) in strong partnership with the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) foundation, Gegharkunik Chamber of Commerce Industry (GCCI), and the business consulting firm EV-Consulting.

The greatest guarantee of our success is the unification of the community inhabitants around one goal.  

The “wings” of our initiative is the youth – the future owners of their own communities, responsible for the development of their own community.

Confide in your strengths and trust your experience!

Local Economic Development

  • Identification and Promotion of Competitive Advantages in target areas - participatory diagnosing economies of target areas with a purpose of identifying competitive advantages and launching concrete LED initiatives contributing to better economic, infrastructure and social conditions for local people.
  • Entrepreneurship Promotion - build entrepreneurial capacities of local start-ups and existing businesses, facilitate their access to affordable financial resources for technology up-grade, expand employment prospects in the target communities.
  • Promotion of Market Access - facilitating the trade and better market access for local companies in domestic market and beyond.

Small-scale infrastructure development

Facilitate infrastructure upgrade and increase access of farmers to advanced agro-services, input supplies, and output markets, contributing to better conditions for doing business as well as living conditions in the selected communities.

Rural Environmental Protection

Building of resilient communities through ensuring the sustainability of their development by consideration of risk reduction management activities in the economic development plans as well as supporting selected communities under negative impact to design and implement environmental projects.