Our Vision
Entrepreneurial opportunities for all.
Our Mission
Inform, inspire, and empower Armenian SMEs to create self-sustaining businesses that contribute to both individual economic stability and the Armenian economy as a whole. 
SMEs in Figures

As of December 31 of 2012 about 73.925 SMEs were operating in Armenia. This number makes 98% of active businesses undertaking in Armenia. During 2012 the number of SMEs increased by 25% in comparison with 2010. In 2012 about 92% of SMEs were micro organizations, and the density of medium sized organizations did not exceed 1.2%. From 2010-2012 the total number of SMEs increased by 97% due to the growth of microbusinesses. In 2012 medium sized businesses had 4% decrease compared to 2011.

In 2012 58.7% of SMEs were engaged in wholesale and retail trade while 98% of these enterprises were micro entities. 6,061 SMEs were engaged in processing industry in 2012,which formed the 8.2% of the total number of SMEs. Figures from 2012 indicate that 40% of manufacturing SMEs were involved in food industry, and 60% in other production types .

In 2012 the number of employees in SMEs reached over 290.388 people which exceeded the results of 2010 by 12.3%.

61% of SMEs’ employees are concentrated in Yerevan. Regions of Kotayk by 7% and Lori and Shirak follow the lead accordingly and 6% each. Vayots Dzor, Tavush and Aragatsotn regions  have the lowest rates belong to.

In 2012 the overall  turnover of SMEs totaled 1,554,679 000,000 AMD, exceeding 2010 figures by 237,471 000,000 AMD, or  18%. In the same year SMEs made mandatory payments. All types of necessary taxes were covered. In total 234,877, 000,000 AMD was paid to the state budget exceeding the index of 2010 by 37,037,000,000 AMD (18%).

Back in 2010, SMEs compiled the 27.2% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product.) In 2011 it decreased to 25.9% while in 2012 stabilized to 27.1%.

More information can be found in the financial report called "The Main Indicators Characterizing Key Indexes From 2010-2012". Report was compiled by our experts from the Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center (SME DNC of Armenia.)

The purpose of the financial report is the comprehensive review of Armenian SME sector in order to apply revised findings in political decision making processes. Our experts distinguished key indicators characterizing the SME sector, on the basis of information provided by the business sector regulating government agencies , as well as the information obtained from open sources.  

Please follow the link to find the latest data on SME sector in Armenia: mineconomy.am/en/449