Financial Support

To support start-up business lenders and improve lending conditions, financial support will be provided to SME DNC of Armenia start-up entrepreneurs in the framework of the ‘’Successful Start’’ training courses for beneficiaries who have submitted realistic business plans, as well as beneficiaries who already had their own business plans, and participated in the Micro Entrepreneurial Simulation Training (MEST), implemented by SME DNC of Armenia.

Loans under this program will be provided through partner financial institutions of the SME DNC of Armenia.

· Maximum loan amount - AMD 5 million,

· Maximum loan term - 5 years,

· Loan interest rate - 10%,

· The grace period to the principal amount of the loan - up to 6 months, depending on the type of activity

· Guarantee provided by SME DNC of Armenia without beneficiary collateral.

· Target group: startup entrepreneurs.