Ministry of Economy of the RA in cooperation with the Fund “Investment Support Center” in the frames of the Trade Promotion and Quality Infrastructure Project financed by the World Bank has launched Exporters Development Grants scheme.


The overall Objective of the Exporter Development Grants Scheme (hereinafter EDG) is the creation of shared resource centres for SMEs (logistic centers, transportation facilities, marketing services, production hubs etc.) to empower existing small and medium sized companies through leveraging their growth potential to scale-up production, trading and exporting capacity.

Target sectors and activities

This competition is open to every sector where high export potential exists, with priority given to agriculture, food processing and textile.

Size of grants

The total fund of EDG is 1,800,000 USD.

Any grant requested under EDG must fall between the following minimum and maximum amount of total eligible costs:

This grant provides funding for up to 70% of the total eligible Project costs.

Who can apply

In order to be eligible for a grant, the applicant(individual organization or group of organizations represented by the Coordinator) must:

i. be a legal entity with at least two years of state registration;

ii. be for-profit-making;

iii. be established in the Republic of Armenia;

iv. be directly responsible for the preparation, implementation and management of the Project, not acting as an intermediary.

v. be able to co-finance the given Grant Project

In case of Consortium of organizations all the criteria apply for the lead applicant but only criteria “ii” and “iii” apply to Consortium members.

Eligible expenses under EDG include

  •  Minor renovation and refurbishment (cannot exceed more than 10% of total grant funds);
  •  Modernization of production processes, acquisition of new equipment;
  •  Acquisition of raw materials and goods;
  •  Introduction of quality management and certification;
  •  Other valid expenses identified in the budget as directly related to execution of the Project; and agreed by Implementing Organization, including development of market entry/foreign expansion strategies; Customized company-specific foreign market research and promotional campaigns; All of which cannot exceed more than 20% of total grant funds;
  •  Working capital (salaries, utility costs, rental costs), shall be financed under the co-financing funds;
  •  Taxes, which shall be co-financed from the RA budget sources, as co-financing to the Project.

Ineligible expenses under EDG include

  •  Land acquisition or resettlement;
  •  Working capital (salaries, utility costs, rental costs);
  •  In-kind contribution;
  •  Provisions for losses or potential future liabilities;
  •  Interest or debts owed to any party;
  •  Credit to third parties or sub-grantees;
  •  Purchase of buildings or construction;
  •  Renovations and any other expenditures that are not related to the Project purpose. .
  •  Other non-eligible costs referred to in the EDG Implementation Manual

Information meetings

The ensure publicity and wider outreach on EDG objectives, application and evaluation procedures and other relevant topics a series of information meetings will be organized with the following schedule:

Application dates

  • Opening: 05․02․2020
  • Deadline: 20․03․2020, 18:00 Yerevan time

For additional information, registration for information meetings, as well as for receipt of EDG Implementation Manualapply to “Investment Support Center” Fund: tel. 012 541648, 012 563714, 093 878790, URL:smednc.am,www.isc.am,email:[email protected]

EDG documentation


EDG Implementation Manual
PDF, 296.05 [Kb]
PDF, 49.67 [Kb]
Annex for Final financial report
PDF, 59.87 [Kb]